Standen Powavator 400/200

Standen Powavator 400/200

  • Product Code: SP42-001



- Immense strength for long life and reliability
- Powerful, productive, efficient, built to last
- Heavy-duty construction throughout
- Strength + weight = good soil penetration
- Super-tough SPEEDSET or TORQUE+ gearboxes
- Oil immersed gears; long life side drives
- AUTO-RESET clutch protected drivelines can accept high power inputs
- Choice of ā€˜Lā€™ blades, 'SPEED' blades, 'SPIKE' tines or 'STUBBLE' tines
- 1.8 metre - 6.0 metre working widths
- Full safety guarding to EU regulations
- Excellent parts availability and technical support

Half Depth / Full Depth automatic hydraulic linkages ā€“ TAKE THE STRESS AWAY
To minimise frame stress, 4-BODIED BEDFORMER models feature automatic adjustment; half depth to full depth on both the outer body linkages. This also promotes equal pulling forces across the machine, making the tractor much more controllable and easier to drive in a straight line. Operation of this feature is fully automatic; activated when markers are changed over by the driver at the ends of the field.

RAPID-PIN Fast Change blade system option
The RAPID-PIN fast change blade system is now available as an option for the popular STANDEN POWAVATOR range. Requiring no special tools, each blade can be replaced in just a few seconds by removing a special hardened RAPID-PIN.STANDEN engineers have worked hard to keep POWAVATOR operating costs low with this new development, and improve on existing designs from competitors.

As well as offering a faster change time, the RAPID-PIN fast change rotor is equipped with hard metal bolt-on side plates, thereby lengthening the operating life of the rotor, since the complete rotor shaft need not be renewed should only a section of it require replacement. The RAPID-PIN rotor shaft system is also available for RETRO-FITTING to existing POWAVATOR cultivators.

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