About Us

Standen Engineering Limited

Standen Engineering Limited is an independent privately owned company; manufacturers of Standen Potato Systems and Standen Powavator rotary tillers which are sold through a dealer network. Standen-Reflex is our imported machinery division, suppliers of salad and vegetable planting and harvesting machinery.

  • Standen Potato Systems products:
  • Bed formers
  • Rotary tillers
  • Stone and clod separators
  • Planters
  • Toppers
  • Harvesters
  • Separation modules

Our design teams are constantly refining our products and developing new technologies; many of these are protected by worldwide patents. Custom built machines for sweet potato, miscanthus, onion, carrot, red beet, swede, parsnip and turnip topping and harvesting are available to order.

Standen Potato Systems also includes products imported from the Netherlands; Baselier hook-tine cultivators and potato toppers. Keulmac onion toppers, onion windrowers.

  • Standen-Reflex products:
  • Arc tying machines
  • CM plastic laying/retrieving machines
  • De Jongh weeding systems
  • Fedele transplanters
  • Regero transplanters
  • Simon bed makers, and harvesters for root vegetables, leeks and salads
  • Standen-Reflex FA series precision fertilizer applicators

Sub-Contract Services:
With the resources of a complete manufacturing facility in one location, Standen Engineering Ltd is ideally situated to offer a comprehensive range of sub-contract engineering services to many different industries.

Management: Standen Engineering Ltd is managed by a board of directors:
Owen Blake, managing director & finance director
Richard Holmes, design & production director
Edward Gilbert Sales and Marketing Director
Martyn Gardner Sales and Marketing Director
Andy Bone, company chairman.

Ownership: Standen Engineering Ltd is owned by its shareholders, most of whom hold key positions within the company.


  • 1993 - Standen Engineering Limited purchased the potato machinery business of Key Agricultural Ltd, along with the manufacturing rights to all 'Keyag' branded machines. Products included the successful Keyag Clodmaster soil and clod separator.
  • 1994 - Reflex Engineering Limited of Pymoor along with its assets and property was purchased by Standen Engineering Limited. A new imported machinery division was then created to market all Reflex products; Juko, Herriau, Baselier and others, under a new business name, Standen-Reflex.
  • 2001 - Standen Engineering Limited purchased the IPR, manufacturing rights, designs, manufacturing equipment and parts inventory for Dowdeswell soil cultivation and bed forming machinery. Powavator rotary tiller, and Bedformer manufacturing was transferred to Hereward Works, Ely.
  • 2003 - Standen Engineering Limited acquired the potato machinery business of Richard Pearson Ltd, along with patents, designs and intellectual property rights. Manufacturing of all Pearson potato planting and harvesting machinery was transferred to Ely. The Pearson acquisition prompted a complete change of marketing strategy; the launch of the Standen-Pearson Potato Systems brand, and a change of colour from green to blue for all Ely manufactured machines. 10 years later, the Standen-Pearson brand was replaced by updated Standen branding with a newly designed graphic.
  • 2010 - Standen Engineering Limited purchased the assets of Deptford Marketing Ltd, and added their imported salad and vegetable planting and harvesting machinery range to the Standen-Reflex portfolio.